Tow Fibers



Tow Fibers Pharaoh flax company uses best of it for one of the best (German machine –(sharl)) and it have 3 to 4 process based on your order cleaning you need.

In pharaoh flax since 1995 we use stander processes of cleaning which is 3 steps.

1- shaking the tow to clean it from ( sas wood (flax fabric (tow) waste and cantonized flax fibers ))

2- cleaning flax fabric tow, it go to blades for cutting and clean.

3- shaking the two for last time to be sure the fabric has no waste and in strong enough and clean.

Pharaoh flax generate one bale of cleaned tow flax in stander process that weight 200 or 250 KG. The bale shaped in cube.


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